Be the change you want to see in the World
— Mahatma Gandhi

C Ross has been singing for as long as he has been talking. With three Georgia All-State Chorus selections and a host of talent show victories among his accomplishments, the Columbus, Georgia native relocated to Atlanta to focus on his budding music career. After arriving in Atlanta, He began working with various producers who gave him the opportunity to broaden his creative horizons.  His life experiences have given him ample material to express himself both lyrically and musically.  C Ross, who used YouTube to teach himself to play the piano, is quickly establishing himself as a multi-talented music force with the rare ability to sing, compose, write, produce, dance and entertain at a level that defies his young age.  The first single penned by C Ross, Make You My Girlfriend, quickly made its mark across the world wide web.  (Visit to see a video of some of Chris’ fans singing Make You My Girlfriend as they drive down the freeway).  His latest single, “Keep Winning”, is bound to have even more impact.  Though unique in style, C Ross’ musical styles are reminiscent of his many musical influences including Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, John Legend, Kirk Franklin, and Outkast.  With such a variety of influences, his performances appeal to people of all ages and from all walks of life

Even with his dedication to his music, C Ross graduated from the prestigious Atlanta Country Day School, one of Atlanta’s elite private schools.  During the graduation ceremony C Ross was recognized for his musical talent, and mesmerized the audience with a virtuoso performance.  That he mesmerized the audience was no surprise; the twist was that he sang in Latin and drew a standing ovation! C Ross is now focused 100% on his music career.  He continues to perfect playing the piano, bass guitar , and he has made tremendous strides in learning ProTools and other software.   

Despite his vast talent and accomplishments, C Ross clings to his southern values and maintains a humble spirit, making him extremely likable.  He is extremely respectful; anyone who is perceived as an authority figure will undoubtedly be greeted as “Sir” or “Ma’am.”  He has been blessed with a universal appeal that will earn him fans from America’s inner cities to the European countryside. As the Minister of Music, C Ross directs other musicians, soloists, and the church choir. C Ross, whose style may be described as Inspirational Pop / R&B-based Soul.  He has dreams of changing the world with song by sending a positive message.. He is currently seeking business relationships with individuals and entities in the music industry that can help him accomplish his goals.